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We believe that every small and medium business deserves their share of recognition on the online marketplace. At Digital Voice Marketing, we're passionate about helping these businesses build their brand, wherever their audience might be.

Our Vision

Founded On

Christian Values


This isn't typically something you see on a Company Value Statement, but if we're honest, this is our number one core value. The reason we include it here is to be exactly that, honest. Our company was founded on Christian values and guided by grace, second chances, encouragement, love, patience, and of course, Jesus.

A Stronger



At Digital Voice Marketing Inc., we know that small businesses make up a huge part of our economy and need to stick around for our communities to thrive. We're here to help make sure that small businesses can stay competitive with the big guys (even during tough times) so that we can bridge economical gaps.

Work Hard,

Stay Humble


Every day we get is a gift, and so is every job, that means we work hard to make sure that we're always serving our clients right. We know that the work we do is something to be proud of, but we also aim to stay humble and always remember what's most important: you, our clients, and our community.

Remember the

Big Picture


Sometimes we get so caught up with work that we speak a whole different language between 9 and 5. We always try to keep things personable, like you're talking to an old friend. We want our communication to be simple: After all, we're all real people (and so are your clients). Let's speak naturally and have fun. Remember, the big picture is to start a conversation.

Our Story

     Hi there, I'm Ty. When I started my agency, Digital Voice Marketing Inc., I had one goal: to build an affordable solution for small and medium businesses to grow their online presence.

     I know that most small businesses don't have the time or personnel to do what it takes to stay competitive in our increasingly digital world. But I also know that these amazing local businesses are the backbone of our community, and so I felt called to jump in and offer them a helping hand.

     Whether you're looking to create a website, improve your search engine optimization, or develop a social media strategy (and much more), we're here for you! Our team of experts is passionate about making sure that the individuals and businesses that make up our community are able to thrive in the modern marketplace.

From designing to copywriting this is the place to be. Thank you very much for making my website the way it is. Whichever marketing strategies you come up with for us is always engaging and hits our audience. First good call we did for the business was to use your services.

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We have worked with Digital Voice Marketing Inc. over the past few years. They go above and beyond! They are professional, easy to work with and deliver.

What do our clients say about us?

Although located in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Digital Voice Marketing Inc. proudly serves all of Canada. We've been involved with the community around the Greater Edmonton Area for years and are excited to extend that to the rest of our beautiful nation. If you'd like to get in touch, feel free to fill out the form to the right, book a free 30-minute discovery session, or contact us via the information below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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