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Popular Services

One Page Website


A single-page website is a great way to get your business online. These are for businesses with only a few calls to action and aren't content-rich. One Page websites are known for high conversion rates while looking as clean and concise as possible. Visit our case studies page to see some of our designs in action. 

Multi-Page Website


Multi-page websites are used to create an in-depth user experience. If you have a lot to communicate to your audience online or are content-rich, this is the option for you. More pages also means better Search Engine Optimization (SEO), with more opportunity for your keywords and individual page rankings to take flight.

Weekly Social Posting

C$200.00 / Month

Our social media team makes a posting strategy specific to your needs. You can choose from text, picture or video posts as often as you'd like. We make a social media calendar to balance selling and branding posts throughout the year. Plans are charged monthly and can be cancelled at any time. 

30 Second Promo Video


These promotional videos are great for announcements, sales, or brand reinforcement. We put together this short clip with stock footage to quickly communicate your message to your followers.

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About Digital Voice

     Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. There is an ever-growing need for businesses to have a strong online presence in our increasingly digital world. Digital Voice Media Marketing was created by a small business for small businesses; we want the smallest dogs to have the biggest bark. Whether you have been a community staple for decades or you are just starting out, we exist to have your Digital Voice heard.

     Digital Voice Marketing started in 2020 as a response to the COVID-19 outbreak. As small businesses began to close their doors, some temporarily, some for good, we saw a need to bring ma and pa shops online. We don't succeed unless our clients succeed and we're truly passionate about making a difference to the local companies who don't have as big a voice as their competitors. 

     Our mission to keep local businesses thriving is done in part by several services and strategic planning. We offer web design, social media management, digital advertising campaigns and more to make your brand stand out. 




Customer Process


We delve into your business gathering information regarding your brand, your target demographic, tone and the message you want to portray to your potential customers. 


Our team works together to customize a plan that will clearly align with your brands vision. If you are unsure of your brands vision we will create a proposal. 


Here is where we put your plan into action. Digital Voice beings creating your content, drawing inspiration and instruction from our planning stage with you.


After you approve of our development step, it’s time to publish. Whether it be a website, marketing campaign, etc., your content will be broadcast to your audience.


Once your content has been published, we use metrics from social platforms, Google, and web builders to see how it is performing with your audience. These analytical reports are available to you so you can directly see your return on investment with us. This also gives you the data to enhance your next project or campaign.